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  • Name: Maya Nigrin
  • School: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Age: 20 Years
  • Residence: United States
  • Hometown: Buffalo, NY

I am a student in MIT's class of 2021, pursuing a major in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics. I have been studying computer science since my sophomore year in high school, and am comfortable coding in Java, Python, C++, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. When I'm not in classes, I'm often doing research or AI software development as part of the Quest for Intelligence at MIT. I've also done software engineering internships with Vivint Smart Home, Arcadia Funds, and Klaviyo, and have been a CS instructor with Juni Learning since my freshman year of college.

I'm also involved in a variety of extracurriculars on campus, including MIT Muses (MIT's all-female acappella group), MIT's Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program, Code for Good, and MIT Skydiving Club. In the rare moments I'm free, I also enjoy painting, playing piano, and exploring Boston!

My Education

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Bachelors Degree | 2017-Present

    Major: Computer Science

    Minor: Mathematics

    Relevant coursework: Computation Structures, Software Engineering, Introduction to EECS via Interconnected Embedded Systems, Fundamentals of Python, Mathematics for Computer Science, Introduction to Algorithms, Introduction to Machine Learning, Differential Equations, Real Analysis

  • Nichols School

    High School Degree | 2013-2017

    Awards: Cum Laude Society, National Merit Scholarship Finalist, Strachan Computer Science Award

  • University at Buffalo - Gifted Math Program


    Awards: Founders Award

    Graduated with 22 college credits including classes such as Calculus I - III, and Linear Algebra

My Experience

  • Klaviyo

    Software Engineer Intern | Boston, MA | June 2019 - August 2019

    • Changed existing logic for settings update so that it would no longer trigger historical data sync, and added separate historical sync feature to the UI
    • Rewrote code to import CSV files and cut down upload time for a file with 500,000 rows from 12 hours to 15 minutes
    • Updated infrastructure to separate out API calling from business logic and added instrumentation to collect data on interactions with APIs

  • Quest for Intelligence - The Bridge

    Research and AI Software Development for the K-12 Education Initiative | Cambridge, MA | February 2019 - June 2019

    • Trained a ProGAN on castle images from MIT's Places2 dataset
    • Used Gandissect to analyze the nodes of the network and understand which node generates what
    • Helped integrate the results of Gandissect with front-end code that used Scratch to create a kid-friendly program that allows them to interact with the GAN

  • Arcadia Funds, LLC

    Data Analytics Intern | Burlington, MA | January 2019 - February 2019

    • Built a variety of machine learning models to identify potential auto loan borrowers who are likely to default
    • Created a program that scraped a web form to collect data on cars’ value over time
    • Coded in Python and used a variety of data visualization and machine learning tools (Keras, Tensorflow, Sklearn, Pyplot, etc)

  • Vivint Smart Home

    Software Intern | Boston, MA | June 2018 - August 2018

    • Investigated the data pipeline from surveillance cameras to database
    • Researched and prototyped new server infrastructure to increase efficiency and lower cost
    • Learned usage of Docker, Google Cloud Platform, Terraform, GStreamer, and FFmpeg, among others
    • Presented summary of my research and explained my prototype
    • Collaborated on and presented project answering question: What will the interconnected lifestyle look like in 10 years?

  • Juni Learning

    Senior Instructor | December 2017 - Present

    • Teach computer science video lessons for children ages 9-16
    • Instruct students in Scratch, Java, and introductory, intermediate, and advanced Python programming classes
    • Have worked with over a dozen different students

My Extracurriculars

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The MIT Muses is MIT's only all-female acappella group. We perform at concerts and various gigs on and around MIT's campus!

I've held several different positions in the group, including Auditions Manager, Publicity Chair, Social Chair, and Choreographer.

The Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program, or UPOP, is a yearlong professional development program that prepares MIT sophomores for success. It is designed to help students develop communication, leadership, the ability to work in teams, and other career skills.

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Code for Good is a student-run club at MIT that connects groups of MIT students with local nonprofits to make a direct, positive impact with computer science.

I've been on the Executive Committee of the club since joining, and have held various positions including Consulting Program Chair, and Coporate Chair.

MIT Skydiving Club is an organization consisting of current MIT students, alumni, and local skydiving enthusiasts. The purpose of the club is to connect those interested in skydiving, and help those who are interested in the sport to pursue it!

I am currently an AFF student, which means I'm learning how to jump out of a plane, manage equipment, and other necessary skills so that I can skydive on my own.

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